Because caring for animals is everyone’s business

Cuidar de las crías de animales.

Animals injured on the road, orphaned offspring, chicks fallen from the nest… No one wants to take responsibility. At the Zoo of the Pyrenees we believe that caring for animals is everyone’s business.

Join our community that fights to save the lives of animals so that they do not die abandoned and in agony.

Our mission is to take care of wild animals.

Our mission for March 2023

Inspire 2,000 people to join our Teaming community «Wildlife Friends» who with 1€ per month ensure the purchase of food and medicine for animals that cannot live in the wild.

Why should you care for wildlife?

Do it for yourself

Feel good about yourself

Doing charitable acts activates happiness hormones. It can indeed be addictive. Become a better person who inspires others.

Enter into an honest relationship

We are an open book. You can always verify that your money is going to the animals. Not to enrich ourselves, nor for the management of the company or for marketing.

Be part of a good cause

We want to meet the heroes of our history. We give you visibility in our social networks and when you come to visit us you will feel our appreciation for your gesture.

Why care for animals?

Do it for the animals

Injured animals

caring for injured animals
Helen the genet lost her sight in a traffic accident

We cannot always return animals to the wild. If their injuries have lifelong consequences, their only hope is to live in controlled conditions.

Humanized animals

caring for humanized animals
The kestrel Banshee was stolen from his parents nest

Treating animals with the utmost responsibility so that they do not become humanized is our priority. But sometimes animals arrive with altered behavior and cannot return to the wild.


caring for old animals
Gaston the golden eagle came from a private center because he is going blind He needs continuous attention

Private persons may keep wild animals at home if they comply with the law. But once age or health problems start, the animals come to us. We provide them with a dignified life until their death.

What does your money go to?

Contributions from the Teaming community «Wildlife Friends» go towards the purchase of food and medication for the 150 animals living in the refuge for life.

€ 1,800 for food

  • Grain and grass for herbivores
  • Feed for omnivores
  • Meat for carnivores
  • Dehydrated insects for insectivores

€ 200 for medication

  • Medications
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Prophylaxis

Will the animals starve to death if I don’t participate?

The magpie Hisenda collects money that allows us to take care of the animals.
No The magpie Hisenda collects donations during the Birds of Prey Show that also go towards the purchase of food

In addition, the Zoo of the Pyrenees Foundation plugs the holes not covered by donors.
But this fact wreaks havoc on the budgets we need to cover to expand and improve the facilities to take in the animals that urgently need help.

2023 is the first year that we cannot take in all the animals that need a home. Join us and contribute your 1€ per month so that animals are not abandoned in suffering and unnecessary death. Save the animals.

Cuidar de los animales huérfanos.

Caring for animals is a matter of all of us


We have returned 260 animals to the wild


We expect more animals and we need you by our side!


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