10 top research project topics

Are you coursing high school and you are looking for a topic for your research project? Do you want to do research on environmental topics but you you are not sure about which subject to investigate? You want to have an outstanding and actual presentation that will assure you high evaluation? The team of the … Read more

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Beech marten

Beech marten (Martes foina) Lovely face, dark rich fur, agile athlete, silent shadow in the darkness, a quick reflex of eyes that observe a road and meet the light of passing car, a movement in the branches of the tree just above you: A beautiful animal and… a lethal assassin. How to present this animal … Read more

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Anna on the beach


Hello, I’m Anna and I am in charge of the public relations of the Zoo of the Pyrenees. I also work in our park during the summer, doing the Toca-toca activity and sometimes I participate in the exhibitions. I manage our Facebook and Instagram pages, and I make the translations of the texts for the … Read more

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Photo: Graeme and Nicky Scott

Phineas’ excursion

Last Saturday, during the evening exhibition, I spent really bad moments. My daughter Anna left for the Barcelona Beach Festival, my son Lukas left for a 2 weeks’ vacation to the Suisse Alps and so we did the exhibition only Eloi and me. So far so good: It’s more stress for us – we have … Read more

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Búhos reales son muy cariñoso

Stania Kuspertova

Hi, my name is Stania Kuspertova. If you are on this page, you’d probably like to know something more about me. I’ll do my best to tell you my story and explain you how it happened that a Czech lady went to the Catalan Pyrenees to create the Zoo of the Pyrenees. Take a comfortable … Read more

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JULY 2015

COMPETITIONS AND NIPS This month is full of news! We establish regular competitions: every month we draw a price for the whole family among the participants. We begin with a family weekend in a rural house from our county. We’ve also made the NIP cards (Naturally Important People), with which you can get discount when … Read more

February 2015

OUR FIRST WINTER With picturesque scenery, reflections of the sun on the snow crystals, walks with our dog Chert, started our first winter in the park. But it was not always so idyllic and peaceful. The heavy snowfall put on trial the networks of cages, our animals had to fight against sudden changes in temperature, … Read more

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FOUNTAIN OF THE SALAMANDERS I would like to share with you great news! We realised that in the wood on the side of the eagle owls’ cages the floor was usually wet. A year ago we decided to clean it and to see if there was a source of water. One day, equipped with rubber … Read more

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