Roe deer


Beauty, elegance, vulnerability…
The roe deer unites many virtues but also generates important damages in the crop fields. Learn about this beautiful animal.

Eagle owl

Nido del búho real

For centuries humans have persecuted eagle owls.
Gunshots, poison, electric towers…
Protect this huge owl and be proud that in our country the eagle owl population is becoming more stable again.

Lechuza común

Lechuza común

La lechuza común con sus plumas suaves y vuelo silencioso resguarda nuestros campos de los ratones. Conoce este animal nocturno excepcional y protégelo. 🦉

Because caring for animals is everyone’s business

Animals injured on the road, orphaned offspring, chicks fallen from the nest… No one wants to take responsibility. At the Zoo of the Pyrenees we believe that caring for animals is everyone’s business.

Join our community that fights to save the lives of animals so that they do not die abandoned and in agony.

About us

Sobre nosotros equipo

Want to know more about us? The Zoo of the Pyrenees is a non-profit organization that rescues wild animals and cares for those that cannot return to the wild. We make progress every day thanks to the help of our visitors, partners and generous sponsors.


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