Zoo of the Pyrenees community rules

Community rules

Every person willing to make a change towards a better future for animals is valuable. To create a friendly atmosphere, we have established the community standards of the Zoo of the Pyrenees.

It aims to ensure that everyone can participate in this change freely and safely.

Safety of expression

Fear of receiving violent comments discourages people from expressing themselves. Consequently, they diminish the value of the conversation.

Community standards against violence

Zero violence

We have zero tolerance for violent extremism. You can express your views against an individual, a group of people or a group of living beings, but not in a violent way.

Standards of communication in the community.


Be empathetic towards others. We are a community and we are entitled to have opposing views. Don’t engage in targeted harassment.

Community privacy

We care about your privacy. That’s why we have established community guidelines to regulate this aspect.

Privacy rules of the Zoo of the Pyrenees community.

Private information

If you want to publish other people’s private information, ask for their express permission.

Rules for publishing private images

Private images

Want to post or share photos or videos of someone? Do it with their consent.

Cooperate with the observance of community rules.


If you detect violations of your privacy please let us know. We will remove these posts immediately.

Community legitimacy

We believe that many laws need to be changed. But as long as they are in force, we act in accordance with them.

Community legitimacy standards

Illegal goods or services

Do you have an illegal purpose or do you want to promote illegal activities? Find another community. We respect the law here.

Be honest


We are honest. Don’t take advantage of our community to manipulate other people’s behaviour and experience.

Be yourself

Express your opinion in your own voice. Don’t use a false identity to mislead or confuse others.

Rule to respect copyright


We honour copyright. Respect the intellectual property of others.

Asio otus

Content removal:

We will remove any content that violates our rules.
If comments are repeated, we will block the offender’s account from our social networks.

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