Zoo of the Pyrenees is a Catalan zoo of the 21st century

What does the Zoo of the Pyrenees do in Catalonia?

About us

Learn about our history, the work we do, and the team of people who fight to change the world.

Visit Zoo in Catalonia.

Visit Zoo of the Pyrenees

Want to get to know this special zoo? Come and visit us. You will learn many interesting things about the wildlife of our country.

Financial aid


It doesn’t matter what your age is, where you live, or whether you have many or few financial resources. We can all help make this world a better place for wildlife. They deserve it.

Environmental education in Catalonia


Seeing, stroking and feeding animals victims of human action, awakens empathy in young people and makes them see the real need to protect the natural environment.

Give away experiences with animals at the Zoo of the Pyrenees in Catalonia

Give away experiences

We all like original gifts. Give your loved ones an original and fun experience of great emotional value.

Rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals


Sponsor animals

Sponsor animals

Natural Environment Conservation Projects

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