The Zoo of the Pyrenees is a refuge for
rescued native wild animals
open to the public every day of the year.

Visitar Zoo a Catalunya.

Visit the Zoo of the Pyrenees

Do you want to get to know this special zoo? Come visit us. You will learn many interesting things about the wildlife of our country.

Qué fa el Zoo del Pirineu a Catalunya?


Get into direct contact with wild animals of our country.
The Zoo of the Pyrenees cannot be visited on its own.

Educació ambiental a Catalunya


Seeing, caressing and feeding animals that are victims of human action awakens empathy in young people and makes them see the real need for the protection of the natural environment.

Regalar experiències amb animals en el Zoo del Pirineu a Catalunya

Give away experiences

We all like original gifts. Give your loved ones an original and fun experience of great emotional value.

Work of the Zoo of the Pyrenees

Salvar animales salvajes de Península Ibérica

Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation

Every life is precious and we all have the right to live. We do not distinguish between species and with the utmost responsibility we care for all equally.

Wildlife refuge

We are a centre that collaborates with the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Junta de Andalucía. We take care for life of protected wild animals that cannot return to the wild due to permanent injuries, both physical and psychological.

Educació ambiental

Environmental education

Every animal that arrives at our rescue centre because of a wrong human intervention we consider a failure of education. We do our utmost to provide the correct information to the entire population.

Conservació de Medi Natural


We lead a community of people and organisations that are committed to a future for all living beings. Together we participate and develop projects for the conservation of the natural environment.

We firmly believe that if we manage to change our habits there is still hope of reversing the destruction that we humans have caused over the centuries.

Collaborate with the Zoo of the Pyrenees

Ajuda econòmica


We should all help make this world a better place, also for wild animals.
Learn about the ways to collaborate and the benefits you and the animals will get.

Internships at the zoo

We work in many directions and we don’t get all the work caught up. Do you want to be part of our project during your internship? Consult the requirements.

Fer-se soci

Become a member of the zoo

Be part of our day to day and we will be part of yours. Join the community of people who act to protect animals.

Refugio de animales a Cataluña

The Zoo of the Pyrenees is a 21st century zoo. Its aim is to protect the animals of our country. It is an exceptional zoo. Give us a chance and come meet us.

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