10 goals for 2023 of the Zoo of the Pyrenees

Zoo goals for 2023
These are huge goals Will we achieve them

Have you already made your list of resolutions for 2023?

I have done my homework and it takes my breath away at its magnitude.


I am determined to achieve them by 2023. It’s not for me: it’s for the animals. They cannot defend themselves.

Would you like to accompany me on this adventure?

Anna with Frito rooster of Catalan breed named Almond Tree Blossom

Resolutions for 2023: Petting Zoo

The administration has prohibited us from doing Petting Zoo with wild animals. I do not agree with this requirement, which has no legal backing. Even so:

Purpose #1 Petting Zoo with domestic animals

I am concerned about the current policy: How will our children grow up without any contact with animals? If we cannot teach values of respect for nature with wild animals, we will do it with domestic animals. This is allowed. So far.

Purpose #2 Advocate for the welfare of the animals we care for.

  • Collaborate with the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB) in scientific research on the welfare of wild animals in captivity. To give a scientific basis to the needs of humanized wild animals. They have not chosen to be modified by humans. The least we can do for them is to ensure that they receive the treatment they need.
  • Make alliances with other wildlife refuges and sanctuaries. We have to join forces and knowledge and fight together for a better future for animals.
Purpose to create the University of Nature
Eloi with kestrel Churri

2023: University of Nature

The name Zoo of the Pyrenees is too little for us. The Nature University will be a new direction, oriented towards environmental education and all aspects of environmental protection.

Purpose #3 Reach more people with environmental education

To give more visibility to our professionalism, knowledge and experience. We hope that with the University of Nature we will open the door to people who are shocked by the word zoo, which does not allow them to see the incredible value of our work.

Purpose #4 New activities and courses

  • To group exclusive activities oriented to people interested in nature protection under the University of Nature. To give even more emphasis on the educational part.
  • Offer specific courses for future professionals where they can acquire practical experience that is so often lacking in the educational system.
Purpose for 2023
Female roe deer at rest

2023 resolutions: Animals at the refuge

The refuge is full to bursting. We take in as many animals as we can, we are very clear that if they do not find a home it could result in their sacrifice. But we have to ensure that they have optimal conditions.

Purpose #5 Individual raptor facilities

Build facilities for the birds of prey that inhabit the refuge, each adapted to their needs.

Purpose #6 Fencing for fallow deer

Finally put an end to the deer enclosure. Since we built it in the space where we had the picnic area until now, we have to create a new space for our visitors.

Purpose #7 Boars and other pigs

We cannot cope with the demand from people who find small orphaned wild boars. We have to build new facilities. At the same time, it is planned to use the space for abandoned Vietnamese pigs. It is an invasive species that negatively affects the nature of the Iberian Peninsula.

2023 nature conservation target
Susanna the Barn Owl

Goals for 2023: Nature conservation

We do not agree with chemical solutions to the problems of human coexistence with wildlife. We want to implement natural solutions that are much more effective and cheaper.

But each project involves a lot of paperwork that we simply could not take on until now. As of 9.1.2023 we will have a biologist on our team and we can get down to work.

Purpose #8 Collaborate with scientific entities

Start a fruitful collaboration with a scientific research center, CTFC. Their experience will help us to focus our efforts correctly and perhaps also to obtain funding from Europe.

Purpose #9 White Lady Project

Project for the breeding, release and monitoring of barn owls in agricultural environments. The whole project is quite complex and we are very excited to finally move forward.

Purpose #10 Scientific monitoring of the European Wildcat population.

It is already in operation.

What else do we need?

The Zoo of the Pyrenees Foundation has so far not received any financial support from the administration for its work.
It is exclusively private individuals who make our work possible with tickets and other contributions.

To economically cover the 2023 goals we need to increase the number of visitors by 2.3 times.
Do you think what we do makes sense and do you want to help us?

The objectives for 2023 of the Zoo of the Pyrenees are ambitious but at the same time necessary for nature and for our society as a whole.

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